What Is The Best Portable Air Compressor?

What Is The Best Portable Air Compressor?

There are many types of air compressors which are used in different tasks. A portable air compressor can be used at home or any other place due to its portability. Many portable air compressors are made using light materials. Different uses of compressors include tire rotation, sandblasting, running a paint sprayer, cleaning using air guns, maintaining tire pressure hence saving fuel. Other uses of Air Compressors are industrial uses which require permanent compressors. Most of the commonly used and the best portable compressors and highly recommended include the following:-

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3 Portable Compressor

What Is The Best Portable Air CompressorThis is an air compressor that is made in the USA. It is user friendly and contains three gallon tanks for the storage of air power. The tank reduces pulsation caused as a result of piston action, and has a cooler running motor to reduce the heat. The Compressor costs 59 USD and there is free shipping for buyers outside America. This is a favorable price where one saves about 55% price compared to the other Air Compressor sellers and manufacturers. A buyer can shop online and order the product which takes two days to receive it. The Compressor also comes with an accessory kit and is wrapped with a gift wrapper. According to a report by Sergey A. Gurevich, the Air Compressor is very light and portable and one is able to operate it without any significant challenges.

Air Compressor, 2.0 HP, 120/240V, 135 psi

It contains a vertical tank which is made of Cast Iron material and has a voltage of 115/230VAC. Also made in the USA, the Air Compressor has a Height of 38 inches, Weight 129ib, Length 31inches, Width S21inches and a maximum pressure of 135psi. It is oil lubricated with average pump life of 5,000hr. The company provides online shopping for the Air Compressor where one can save up to 35% of the cost thus making it an affordable product.

Chicago Pheumatic QRS 10HPD Air Compressor

This Compressor offers the lowest noise levels compared to the rest of the Air compressors because it contains sound enclosures. It consumes low energy hence reducing the monthly electric bills. Chicago Air Compressor can function in 24 hours a day in seven days of a week. This is a result of the high efficient TEFC motor which is quite operational. In addition to that, this compressor contains a cooling fan of 10Hp150 PSl. It is designated to save space.

Viair 85P Air Compressor

Powered by auxiliary power, this portable Air Compressor can only be used with an outlet rated to 15AMPS/180 volts or more. It contains bright LED light. The tire pressure gauge is easy to read and is mounted on the compressor. The engine when in use must be running and has a 12 VOLT- 60PSI maximum working pressure. This air compressor can be bought online on the Amazon with the shipping taking a period of two days to get to the buyer.


While purchasing air Compressors, efficiency and price are critical factors. However, one should also make sure the product is from an accurate country. The information given should be accurate and consistent to avoid complications.

Buyers should also purchase products from the companies that provide a warranty. This is due to maintenance and repair in-case a technical problem occurs to the air compressors. The Compressors should also be easy to operate. With the high rise of machines that make work easier, people should go for the portable air compressors.

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