Is It Legal to Hunt Wolves With a Crossbow?

Is It Legal to Hunt Wolves With a Crossbow?


Crossbow hunting is a trend that is growing rapidly across the country. The relaxation of regulations regarding crossbows has come with their share of controversy. However, those who advocate for the use of crossbows are making inroads and winning the war slowly. As a result more people are now joining this hobby and heading to the woods with this hunting equipment. There are several advantages that come with using a crossbow, however, there are things to consider and the regulations that apply to determine whether hunting wolves with crossbows is legal or not.

Regulations regarding crossbow hunting per season

Is It Legal to Hunt Wolves With a CrossbowPeople who intend to hunt wolves with a crossbow must possess a license. Crossbows can be used to hunt wolves in the state of Alaska; it is illegal to use crossbows in areas that have been designated for normal bows only. However, crossbows can be legally used bows and guns are legal weapons. During the archery season, it is legal for handicapped hunters to use crossbows as long as they stick to approved means and methods.

In California, hunters can use crossbows to hunt wolves during the gun seasons. In 2004, the California Game Commission amended laws that regulate hunting with crossbows to include the following. Any person who is disabled and the disability prevents them from effectively using a bow in a firing position is allowed to use a crossbow or any device that helps them to draw the string during hunting. However, the hunter must provide their full personal details and their medical records detailing the same.


It is legal to use crossbows in Idaho during the hunting season when all weapons are allowed. This can be done without requiring seeking any other permit apart from the normal hunting permit or license. Crossbows are also allowed to be used by handicapped hunters during the archery season. However, hunters must possess an up to date hunting license, hunting tag and archery permit.


A hunter who possesses an archery permit can use a crossbow to hunt wolves from the second Monday after thanksgiving, until the end of the archery hunting season. Persons who are 62 years old and above and who have a valid photo ID can also hunt with a crossbow. Such individuals are permitted to hunt wolves with crossbows when there are seasons that allow the use of archery related equipment. However, all crossbows used during hunting must meet the set criteria and standards.


In this state, crossbows can only be used during any legal weapon hunt. It is illegal to use crossbows for archery hunts. The crossbows used must have a minimum draw weight of 125 pounds and a draw length minimum of 14 inches. Arrows must have a broad head and a minimum of 16 inches.

Wolf hunting tips with a crossbow

Is It Legal to Hunt Wolves With a CrossbowProtect the string

One of the most vital parts of a crossbow is the string and therefore it should be given the protection that is necessary. The string should be regularly inspected for wear and tear. Dirt produces friction which turns to wear and tear. So it is good to ensure that the strings and cables are clean after the hunting session is over. The crossbow should be transported in its case in order to minimize the buildup of dirt and dust. Friction still occurs under normal usage but it can be reduced through lubricating the rail and waxing the string.

Use proper optics

Any sighting system can be mounted on the crossbow but it is advisable to use one that has been specifically designed for crossbows. Scopes come with three horizontal cross hairs and are typically multi-reticle or three dots. The top reticle can be sighted for 20 yards. A three dot can be used appropriately with most crossbows. For crossbows that are faster and have higher speeds, a cross hair scope will be the best to be used.

Use a cocking device always

Majority of crossbow hunters use cocking devices but it still falls back to personal preference and convenience. It is challenging to pull 150 pounds of draw weight even to the strongest hunters. Slighter hunters will find it even more challenging. A cocking device maintains accuracy and gives the hunter enough draw back power.


As much as many people consider it a sport or hobby, crossbow hunting has to be regulated by laws. If used haphazardly, they can result to injuries and irresponsible hunting. However, different states in the U.S have different laws regarding the legality of hunting wolves with a crossbow.